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Your Chemical Products Packaging Can Look Like A Million Bucks!


Midlab has the finest technology available to make your products look their best. Your packaging will look amazing and we have the investment to prove it.

High-quality, cost-effective label press.

Wide color and substrate flexibility
A wide offering of certified substrates and the widest digital color gamut give a business advantage by enabling production of high-value jobs.

One Shot Color technology. Achieve accurate, repeatable printing. All color separations are laid down simultaneously in a single pass on the substrate, creating perfect color-to-color registration including on heat-sensitive materials.

Wide media range. Print on substrates from 0.5 to 14 pt. including pressure-sensitive label stock and films.

PANTONEĀ® colors on press. Emulate a wide majority of PANTONE colors on press with CMYK or the HP IndiChrome Plus 7-color system using CMYK plus orange, violet, and green inks.


Accurate spot colors. True spot colors can be mixed off press for outstanding Pantone-approved solids. Covering up to 97% of the PANTONEĀ® color range, the HP IndiChrome Ink Mixing System (IMS) uses CMYK as well as orange, violet, green, reflex blue, rhodamine red, bright yellow, and transparent.

Maximize production flexibility
The HP Indigo WS4600 Digital Press integrates easily within existing environments, complementing conventional printing platforms and expanding service options.

Any size run. Print the shortest runs that customers require, and economically address runs up to 50,000 labels on-demand with fast turnaround.

Enhance production efficiency. Maximize profitability by allocating suitable jobs to the HP Indigo WS4600 Digital Press.

Digital freedom. With no make-ready required and quick changeovers between jobs, the press can produce dozens of different jobs per day.

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