Like any business venture, being a product distributor has its benefits and challenges. To achieve your goals, you need a manufacturing partner who’s dedicated to your business and mutually invested in your success.

One comprehensive partner. Multiple advantages for your business.

At Midlab, our job is to ensure your business is constantly evolving, your margins are increasing, and your work days are easier. In everything we do, we lead with three core values in mind and ask that all of our distributors do, too:

  • Drive for innovation
  • Dedication to sustainable efforts
  • Unparalleled customer care

The benefits of becoming a Midlab distributor…

Our comprehensive line of products and solutions work to improve your margins and reach more customers, so you can focus on growing your business.

1. Meet demand for safety-focused products
Last year, we saw demand for protective products rise quickly due to COVID-19, but the virus isn’t the only topic your customers are discussing these days. Praised by building service contractors and janitorial crews in all types of industries, hydrogen peroxide-based formulas are also growing in demand for their ability to effectively kill germs and viruses—without the use of high-risk ingredients.

Unlike many leading cleaners that increase the risk of health concerns like asthma and allergic reactions, hydrogen peroxide-based products avoid harsh ingredients like sodium hypochlorite (bleach), quaternary ammonium chlorides, and peracetic acids that can make your customers sick. With a Midlab partnership, safety-focused, hydrogen peroxide-based like Facility+ by Maxim are always readily available to your customers, so they can feel better about the products they’re using long-term.

2. Reach new customers with innovative solutions
As a Midlab partner, there’s always something new to learn and share with your customers. To help you expand your offerings and break into new industries, our team has developed a versatile line of innovative solutions that customers of all kinds are sure to love.

From the universally-understood PLUS Label System, available on all Maxim products, to EDS, our cost-saving dilution control solution, we have the products and solutions your customers need to save valuable time and money.

Currently, we’re also excited to be working diligently behind the scenes on two NEW innovations: our leak-resistant Safe-to-Ship™ packaging and state-of-the-art Augmented Reality training experience. With solutions like this available to you and your customers, streamlining sales, improving margins, and serving new industries will be easier than ever. Stay tuned for more on these innovations coming your way soon!

3. Receive the resources you need from an adaptable partner
Part of our value as a partner is our ability to help you seamlessly adapt to changes and market challenges. Quickly after the COVID-19 outbreak, for example, we knew we had to act fast and ensure ALL of our distributors had the products and resources they needed to protect their customers. So that’s exactly what we did.

From shifts in demand to changes in the overall state of our economy, we’re here to help you adapt to today’s toughest market challenges with comprehensive resources on safely re-entering the workplace. With readily available, safety-focused products and our free digital Learning Center at your fingertips, a Midlab distributor partnership ensures you’re fully-equipped to handle anything.

Ready to become a distributor? Call (800) 467-6294 or email to speak with a Midlab representative today.

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