Thanks to its durability and sleek look, polished concrete is a popular flooring option in commercial facilities today. But every type of flooring comes with its own risks and maintenance requirements…

The truth is, investing in preventative floor care now will always be more affordable than restoring or replacing your floors later. We believe that starts with customized programs based on what your floors need most—not just now, but long-term.

Clean, protect, and harden concrete…


All in One Easy Pass

Caring for polished concrete floors shouldn’t be complicated. Our Polished Concrete Daily Cleaner & Protector was created with this in mind. By maximizing your commercial cleaning with this multi-purpose product for absorbent surfaces like concrete, you and your crew can:

✔️ Effectively clean and remove oils and grime on your floors

✔️ Enhance stain resistance of your floors with consistent use

✔️ Densify the concrete with repeated use to prolong your floor life


Say Goodbye to Many Common Floor Care Problems

Polished concrete requires a large investment up front. Once the contractors leave, it’s up to you to protect and maintain your flooring. That’s where a MAXIM® floor care program can help.

Regular cleaning with our Polished Concrete Daily Cleaner & Protector can help you avoid…

  • Dusting: Small concrete particles that constantly break loose can leave a light, powder-like dust on your floors.
  • Staining: Spills that aren’t cleaned quickly and properly, such as coffee, oils, or other acidic liquids, can penetrate polished concrete.
  • Dull appearance: General wear in high-traffic areas and built-up dirt or grime can dull your floors’ polished appearance.

“When it comes to daily cleaning of polished concrete floors, there’s never been an easier way to clean, protect, and harden the concrete all in one pass.” – Mark Mckenzie, VP of Sales for National Accounts

In addition to its multi-use function, the Polished Concrete Daily Cleaner & Protector and all other MAXIM® products come equipped with the PLUS Label System™️ to help simplify cleaning and training for crews.

The intuitive label system was designed with clearly labeled product types, icon descriptors, numbered steps, universally-understood icons, and multiple languages.



Maximize your building maintenance.

We believe a superior building maintenance program starts with high-quality, high-performance products. To simplify cleaning with ONE innovative product line, our comprehensive maintenance program helps you and your customers clean, maintain, and restore even the most resilient floor surfaces.

See the results firsthand by kickstarting your MAXIM® floor care program today.

Distributor information is available upon request for those looking to maximize their product offerings and meet market demand.


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