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[A Worldwide Leader in Chemical Products]

Midlab is a worldwide leader in creating and growing distributor owned ‘National Brand’ chemical product lines that provide more affordable, profitable and environmentally conscious choices for its partners.

Midlab has an umbrella of offerings spanning the most creative private brand creation team, a bevy of winning formulas, custom manufacturing, affordable pricing, on-the-street support and much more for your private label.

Midlab has been manufacturing and growing ‘National Brands’ since 1984. The unique formulas in our product offerings cover every aspect of cleaning, from the everyday to the highly specialized cleaning task. Midlab provides the most choices; product application requirements are satisfied with liquid or powder in both ready-to-use and concentrated formats as well as aerosol. Our packaging choices (single packet, quart, gallon, pail, drum, tote, proprietary and non-proprietary dispensing systems) also open up different markets for our distributor partners.

Ownership of your ‘National Brand’ that has “customer loyalty” greatly increases the value of your business. With Midlab as your partner you are always assured of having the most up-to-date formulations keeping your end-users ‘loving’ the products that make cleaning a bit more enjoyable.

MAXIM® brand by Midlab is designed to provide the broadest array of chemical solutions spanning from air care to general cleaning, to car and truck wash, to warewash, laundry and more. MAXIM® is sold through key distributors ensuring the value solution it provides.

The Nattura™ brand, by Midlab, is designed as a way to make green certified product more affordable to key distributors and their end-users who want to act in a more sustainable manner, sometimes even with reduced resources. For more information on the Nattura line please visit www.natturaproducts.com.

“We Guarantee to Grow your Business!”

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