Frequently Asked Questions

Does Midlab have a product that can be used to kill black mold?

Any of our disinfectants will kill and stop the black mold from continuing to grow. However, our Mold-n-Mildew Stain Remover will bleach and remove the mold stain.

What is the difference between a disinfectant and a sanitizer?

Disinfectants must be rinsed after contact and have a 99.99% kill claim. Sanitizers are no rinse and have a 99.9% kill claim.

What does Midlab recommend to kill TB?

No Acid and GSC Germicidal Spray Cleaner both have kill claims against TB.

What product does Midlab have to kill scabies?

Scabies is a mite that requires an insecticide to be killed on surfaces. None of Midlab products are labeled to kill scabies.

What product can be used to kill parvo?

Our Lemon Detergent Disinfectant and dilution control Non-Acid Bathroom Disinfectant Cleaner have kill claims against parvo.

How long must No Acid stay on the surface for its kill claims to be valid?

Anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

Which of your products is effective against HIV-1?

All of our disinfectants have kill claims against HIV-1.

What is the shelf life of Midlab products?

Midlab guarantees our products for one year from the manufacture date as long as the product has remained unopened and has been stored at room temperature.

What temperature does the sanitizer or disinfectant solution need to be to be effective?

These products should be stored and used at room temperature to be effective.

How often should a diluted solution be changed before using?

Midlab recommends that all dilution control products be changed daily in order to be effective.

What products would you recommended for ceramic tile in the locker room shower?

One Step ADC is our one-step acid-based hospital grade disinfectant cleaner.

What products does Midlab make that will work on lime scale?

Our restroom care products and the Multi-Purpose Delimer/Descaler will work effectively on lime scale.

How can I clean soap scum from porcelain tile?

The Maxim Foaming Restroom Cleaner will clean soap scum off porcelain tile without etching the grout. If you want a RTU environmentally conscious choice, then use Nattura Foaming Shower Cleaner or Non-Corrosive Bathroom & Bowl Cleaner/Descaler.

What product should I use when needing to remove the uric salt in a slow running urinal drain?

The Maxim Phoz Gel is a thickened bowl and tile cleaner that will clean organic soils and remove mineral deposits with ease.

What RTU does Midlab recommend for disinfecting tables in cafeterias?

Tabletops should be sanitized using the Maxim Hard Surface Sanitizer.

What is recommended for floors with heavy food soils and that doesn't leave the floor slippery?

Our Fresh Traction Wash, Traction, and Mop & Go Traction were all formulated to be used in heavy soil and grease areas such as restaurant kitchens.

What do you suggest for carbon build up on metal pans?

The Carbon Soak is good for soaking metal pans. The CARBrid is a ready to use solution that you let sit on the metal pans then rinse off.

After spraying a surface with Hard Surface Sanitizer, should I rinse it, or let it air dry?

You always want to let the Hard Surface Sanitizer air dry.

What products are effective for cleaning range hoods?

The Oven-N-Grill works the best on hood ranges removing grease, oil, and carbonized soils without noxious fumes. It cannot be used on soft metal.

Are their any sanitizers that can be used on a counter top where food is prepared?

The Food Service Sanitizer is to be used on counter tops where food is prepared. It is EPA registered.

At what temperature can Mineral Oil be used?

Between 50 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does Midlab have any non-ammoniated strippers?

Midlab has five strippers available that are non-ammoniated: Annihilator, Non-Ammoniated Floor Stripper, Action Stripper, Mega Stripper, and Power Stripper from our Nattura line.

How many square feet can I strip with one gallon of stripper?

Two hundred square feet per diluted gallon is standard.

What floor finish is recommended on VCT?

Any of our floor finishes can be used on vinyl composite tile.

What burnish-able finish does Midlab have that can be used in hospitals?
What low maintenance floor finish is recommended for contract cleaners?

For low maintenance floor finishes, we have Pizzazz and Knockout. Both products are high gloss and great durability for heavy foot traffic.

What product is used for cleaning gum off of concrete?

Frost Bite Gum Remover is a non-chlorinated aerosol solvent that freezes gum fast and quickly releases adhesion.

How do I clean the concrete floors of a movie theater on a daily basis?

When cleaning concrete floors on a daily basis, it is recommended to have a film-free, no-rinse cleaner. You have your choice of our Maxim and Nattura products that do just that: Maximo Lavender All Purpose Cleaner, Mega Mop, Mega Mop G, and Super Mega Mop G.

What product can be used to remove salt and ice melt residue from floor finish?

Midlab has created a product specifically designed to remove salt and ice melt residues from floor finishes. This product is called Nice and is great for use in the winter.

What product(s) does Midlab recommend in the removal of hard water spots and stains from glass windows?

Facility+ is a single solution designed to clean and disinfect your entire facility with its hydrogen peroxide based formula.

Which of your laundry spotters is best for blood stains?

Laundry Spotter and Stain-Off are excellent stain removers. If you want an eco-responsible choice, we also have Nattura Magic available.

Which products should I use to wash upholstery?

Both Renew Shampoo and Supercharged were formulated to remove the toughest soils.

How can I safely remove red wine stains from carpet?

Nattura Magic carries the Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval. This product is highly effective for removing organic stains.

How do I remove rust from fabric?

Rust Removing Sour neutralizes alkaline residues, dissolves, supsends iron stains, and helps prevent graying and fading.

How can I treat pet odors and stains in carpets?

Banner, Banish, Stain-Off, and Devour are all good for treating odors and removing organic stains from carpet.

What eco responsible solutions for carpet cleaning does Midlab offer?

Our Nattura products are specifically made for the environmentally conscious. 3-in-1 Extractor, Magic, and the Carpet Shampoo are a few solutions eco responsible solutions for carpet cleaning.

What eco responsible solutions does Midlab offer in strippers/maintainers/finishers?

Nattura Power Stripper, Sunrise Finish, and Floor Finish Maintainer are all perfect choices for the eco responsible consumer.

What Midlab carpet cleaning product can be used to bonnet clean a carpet?

Supercharged is our fast-drying formula that penetrates, emulsifies, and supends soils.

What product does Midlab have, if any, for automatic carwashes?

The Heavy Duty Truck & Trailer Wash is specifically made for automatic carwashes for its highly concentrated and controlled alkaline system.

What products do you have for cleaning galvanized steel? Can an acid be used?

Powerball is recommended for cleaning galvanized steel and it is not recommended to use any type of acid.

How do you remove a calcium, or hard water, build up on brick?

Our Non-Corrosive Bath & Bowl Cleaner/Descaler is not only a perfect bathroom cleaner, but it can remove calcium or hard water build up on virtually anything.

What products do you recommend for cleaning vinyl siding?

Maxim Mold-n-Mildew cleaner cleans and removes mold and mildew stains with the power of chlorine bleach.

What hand cleanser will remove grease and oil off of hands?

Grime Master is a heavy duty hand cleaner that removes grease and oil leaving a pleasant citrus fragrance behind.

What hand soaps can be used in regular bulk fill dispensers?

Bubblz and Pearlized Hand Soap can both be used in regular bulk fill dispensers.

Which hand cleaner is best for hard-to-remove ink?

Rub Out is a heavy duty pumice hand cleaner with skin-protecting lanolin that aids in removing grease, grime, and ink.

What product(s) are available to rid dumpsters around my restaurant from odors?

Chute & Dumpster and Eco Chute & Dumpster both work as a bio-active odor neutrilizer that eliminates noticable odors quickley with no scrubbing.

What should I use in wastewater treatment systems that will not damage my plumbing?

Enzyme Fortified Bacterial Digestant Deodorant attacks all organic waste, eliminating blockages in drains. It is safe on plumbing.

What product can be used in restroom floor drains to keep them running well and free of odor?

For immediate blockage, Alkaline Drain Opener is recommended. However, the Enzyme Fortified Bacterial Digestant Deodorant should be used to maintain drains.

What non-acid cleaner can be used to clean air conditioner coils?

Powerball is our coil and fin cleaner used in AC units and refrigerators.

Does the Wasp & Hornet Killer immediately kill on contact?

Yes, the Wasp & Hornet Killer kills on contact with a 20 foot jet stream and continues to kill with residue.

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