BSCs and facility operators count on our team and distribution partners to provide the best products and solutions. As a partner in cleaning chemical distribution, we recognize a shared commitment to help however we can. To us, that means showing we care by being a source of insight and information.

Whether you’re one of our long-time partners or a customer who’s new to what we do, we hope these quick tips and recommendations help show your business and customers you care by giving them a little extra love this season.

TLC Tips for Any Business or Facility

From cleaning and disinfection to training and overall efficiency, these helpful tips are just a few easy ways to show your business’s facilities some extra TLC starting today…

  • Before anyone cleans or disinfects, make sure they check all product labels to ensure effective use every time. Misread instructions, inaccurate dilution, or improper training are just a few ways these efforts could be ineffective without even knowing it.
  • When cleaning and disinfecting, make note of those hard-to-reach or out-of-sight spots in your facility. Areas like ceilings, corners, and air vents tend to get overlooked in daily routines. Covered surfaces, such as underneath furniture or rugs, may also get skipped or forgotten about. Prioritizing these spots ensures a deeper clean in any facility.
  • Look at your business holistically. Going the extra mile to show your facility love doesn’t just mean a deeper clean inside. Pressure washing, a new coat of paint, squeaky-clean windows… There are tons of ways to enhance your business’s exterior grounds. And yes, visitors will notice!
  • Create an overarching maintenance plan for anyone cleaning your facility. This plan can include things like surface areas to disinfect, frequency of disinfection, product recommendations, best practices, and more. Aligning a cleaning crew on one maintenance plan promotes a consistent “job well done” every time.
  • Encourage frequent cleaning and disinfection of high-traffic areas. Paying special attention to the most commonly-used surfaces in your facility is one of the easiest ways to help keep Everything Clean and cared for in your facility. 

Tips for Showing Your Bottom Line Love

Optimizing your products and solutions is a great way to save on valuable resources. Here’s a few quick ideas for showing your bottom line some love by achieving optimal efficiency…

  • Product consolidation. From time and cost reductions to less product and packaging waste, consolidation is a great way to simplify your internal processes and optimize your bottom line. With multipurpose products from a complete line like MAXIM®, you can clean and disinfect a wide range of surfaces in any industry without compromising on effectiveness. This will help reduce the number of SKUs you carry, streamline inventory management processes, and improve margins. Now, that’s love.
  • Product choice. Consider gentle, hydrogen peroxide-based products as an alternative to harsh, high-risk chemicals like sodium hypochlorite (bleach), phenols, and QUATs. Long-term use of these chemicals can expose people to health risks like asthma, skin irritations, and other allergic reactions. Hydrogen peroxide, on the other hand, is safer for use around people and on multiple surfaces.
  • Value-added solutions. Increase the value of your service with innovative, efficiency-driven solutions like Safe-to-Ship™️ packaging and the PLUS Label System​​™️. Solutions like these—which are both made available for use with all MAXIM® products—can do wonders for reducing wasted resources within your facility and overall business model.

Cutting costs, reducing waste, improving service… There’s so much you can do to show your business or facility love, but these easy tips are a great place to start!

Looking for more ideas and recommendations like this? We’re here to help! Follow us on social media or visit for more ideas on showing your business and customers you care.


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