Open your windows and turn down your AC because spring is in the air! Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and a slight breeze is blowing. And while these things may not scream “time to clean,” we believe there’s no better season for sprucing up.

Keeping everything safe and sparkling clean is what we do best, so we’re sharing 5 of our favorite tips for getting your office spring cleaning done easily and efficiently.

AH-CHOOse cleaning products that will help keep allergies at bay

Spring is notorious for bringing the worst out in people- worst allergies, that is. It’s hard to stop and smell the flowers when they’re covered in pollen and, this time of year, it’s everywhere!

During spring, things like dirt, dust, and pollen are bound to cling to your person or clothes and follow you into the office, but that doesn’t mean you have to work with them. Simple tasks like dusting office furniture and damp mopping finished floors are easy ways to reduce the harsh effects of seasonal allergies. For extra relief at work, consider investing in a high-quality carpet care product that’s designed specifically to loosen and extract bothersome residue that hides in the floor.

For those affected by allergies, these simple tips can be lifesavers for your sinuses and improve how you feel throughout the rest of the season. For quality care of your furniture and floors, we suggest using our Lemon Oil Furniture Polish, Mega Mop Floor Cleaner, and deep-rooted carpet cleaner XXXTractor. They’re perfect for facilities in need of a little extra TLC this spring.

Save time and lower cost of supplies with multi-purpose products

Large deep-cleaning jobs often take up a considerable amount of time and require having countless resources on hand. From cleaning products to complex equipment to safety materials, there’s a lot that goes into cleaning your facility effectively.

One of the best ways to cut costs and save valuable time is by using multi-purpose cleaning products around the office when applicable. Extensive product lines like Maxim have several multi-purpose products that were formulated specifically to clean effectively and efficiently.

Products like Facility+ and Bulldozer are ideal for hefty tasks like spring cleaning because they help eliminate waste and increase productivity wherever possible.

Clean your glass… the right way!

Spring signifies a time to clean deeper and more effectively than usual. One way you can go above and beyond in your cleaning efforts is to properly clean your glass. Mirrors, windows, doors, walls, showers… all areas of the office that are prone to the buildup of dirt, grime, bacteria, and downright unattractive smudges.

There are 3 steps to effectively cleaning glass that, unfortunately, aren’t always followed. First, spray the glass generously with the glass cleaner (Sparkle Glass Cleaner is an excellent choice). Next, squeegee the area rather than immediately wiping it clean in order to reach difficult corners and heights that are often overlooked. Lastly, use a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe away the residual cleaner. Microfibers are designed to catch and hold active cleaning product while still being sensitive on your facility’s glass. Avoid surface scratches with this eco-friendly alternative to single-use products like paper towels.

Watch out for those unsanitary breakroom bandits

Ah, the breakroom. A place to kick back and relax in the midst of a hectic workday. Office break rooms are like a home’s kitchen- a common area for people to share food, coffee, stories… and germs.

The start of spring brings the end of peak flu season, meaning there’s no better time for a deep cleaning of your breakroom. Just because flu season is quieting, doesn’t mean residual bacteria isn’t hiding in your everyday use appliances, waiting to get you or a co-worker sick.

Shared appliances, such as dishwashers, counters, sinks, coffee pots, and refrigerators, are some of the most common ways to pick up germs. When cleaning these items, make sure you’re effectively killing surface bacteria by using disinfectants and sanitizers on all appropriate areas.

Products like our Dish Pac Aqua and Sudz Dish Detergent are great for disinfecting closed areas like dishwashers and fridges, while our All Purpose Cleaner and Hard Surface Sanitizer are the perfect one-two punch for back-to-back cleaning and sanitizing of open surfaces like countertops and other food contact areas. For a gentle clean on tougher breakroom areas like sinks, check out our Crème Cleanser.

Choose a reliable distributor and actively replenish products

Have you ever run out of product mid-cleaning? Have you or your crew ever needed a product that you thought you had but didn’t? We’ve been there, so we know it’s a frustrating inconvenience to say the least. Our final spring tip to you is another simple solution… take the time to check your products after each and every cleaning project or job!

It may seem like a small hassle, but checking the expiration dates and supply levels of products after every cleaning is guaranteed to save you headaches down the line. Reach out to your distributor while your product needs are top of mind and be fully prepared when cleaning calls. If you’re looking for simple, safe, efficient products, let us put you in touch with a Midlab distributor today!


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