For many businesses, the current economic situation has impacted them greatly. As owners and operators work to reopen their businesses, many are discovering just how critical effective cleaning products are in keeping their teams and customers safe.

To get your facility ready to bounce back from COVID-19 safely, effectively, and more efficiently than ever, you need powerful products and innovative solutions that you can count on to keep Everything Clean and running smoothly.

Identifying the Best Products for YOUR Unique Goals

Do you know which products are best for YOUR facility’s goals? In order to keep Everything Clean, we’re here to help you identify the right products and solutions for your business.

Maybe you want to improve safety with effective disinfection and sanitation. Maybe you’re looking to increase efficiency within your entire facility. Or maybe proper training is a growing focus among you and your team.

Whatever your goal, Midlab is here to provide the products and solutions you need to achieve it. Because a safe, efficient facility starts with understanding what you need most.

Goal: Destroy Viruses & Prevent the Spread of Illness in Your Facility
Recommended Product: Germicidal Cleaner or Facility+ by Maxim

It’s no surprise that destroying viruses and preventing the spread of illnesses is a huge concern among facility owners and operators right now. To help you, your team, and your customers stay as safe as possible from the spread of highly-contagious illnesses like COVID-19, Midlab proudly creates effective, virus-killing disinfectants like Maxim’s Germicidal Cleaner and Facility+.

These powerful disinfectants are extremely helpful in the prevention of highly contagious viruses. And now, Facility+ by Maxim is also approved by the EPA for use against emerging viral pathogens like COVID-19. To learn more about what you and your crew can do today to help prevent the spread of illnesses in your facility tomorrow, visit our Learning Center.

Goal: Improve Efficiency by Cutting Costs
Recommended Product: Facility+ by Maxim

Looking for a disinfectant that cuts costs by eliminating the need for all other cleaning products? In addition to fighting and killing viruses like COVID-19, Facility+ by Maxim is your solution to increasing efficiency within your facility. This two-in-one cleaner and disinfectant allows you to cut down on costs associated with using multiple products, while being safe for use on nearly any hard, non-porous surface.

With its hydrogen peroxide base, Facility+ safely and effectively removes tough germs and bacteria like Staph, E coli, and Salmonella enterica from a wide range of surfaces. From restaurants to hospitals to office buildings, Facility+ ensures your building is operating safer and more efficiently than ever before.


Goal: Enhance the Training Process for Your Entire Team
Recommended Product: The PLUS Label System

No matter your goal, effective training plays an important role in achieving it. Proper cleaning and illness prevention starts with a team that understands how to efficiently and effectively accomplish each task at hand.

While some facilities have processes in place that effectively clean and disinfect, many don’t simultaneously focus on reducing product misuse by simplifying training for their team. That’s why we created the PLUS Label System. An innovative solution to misunderstood instructions and ineffective cleaning, the PLUS Label System is taking the industry by storm with universally understood product labels.

PLUS labels feature clearly-numbered steps, icon descriptors, and multiple languages to help your entire team save on wasted time and product. And now, the PLUS Label System is available exclusively on all Maxim products. Because you, your team, and your facility deserve the best!

To learn more about how Midlab can help you and your team achieve your goals, click here.

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