In many areas, COVID-19 cases continue to rise. This recent outbreak has reinforced the importance of proper disinfection and virus prevention— not just for us, but for our customers and those who depend on them to keep Everything Clean.

Improper disinfection can quickly cause serious safety concerns, which is why we proudly created our Disinfection & Virus Prevention Program. Aimed at keeping those in our community and around the world safe, this 4-step program includes everything you’ll need to effectively and efficiently operate under higher-than-ever cleaning standards.

Stay informed on important safety topics like…

  • Proper Disinfection Techniques
  • Illness Prevention (COVID-19 and beyond)
  • Simplified Cleaning & Training
  • Product Information, Tips, & Guides

Simply start by selecting your industry. Then, follow these 4 simple steps to help prevent the spread of illnesses in your facility…

1. Establish an Illness Prevention Plan

No matter your industry, ongoing assessments of your processes and products are critical to keeping your facility running smoothly. COVID-19 has reminded many facility owners and operators just how important it is to keep inventory stocked, training efficient, and cleaning effective.

To help ensure you and your crew have the supplies you need to prevent the spread of illness in your facility, we created industry-specific inventory checklists for all types of commercial buildings. Click here to select your industry and download your supply checklist today.

2. Identify Common Facility Touch Points

Every industry has different touch points that carry the most germs. To practice proper illness prevention, you and your crew need to be properly informed about the most commonly touched surfaces in your facility.

With the help of printable infographics for common rooms and areas in every facility, we can help eliminate the spread of viruses like COVID-19. Do your part to protect yourself, your crew, and your community by identifying the most common touch points throughout your facility and making them a priority in your cleaning processes.

3. Disinfect with Powerful Products

A safe facility starts with understanding what your facility needs and choosing the most effective products for keeping Everything Clean.

For 40 years, Midlab has provided distributors serving a wide range of industries with a complete line of cleaners, disinfectants, and sanitizers to help prevent the spread of illnesses. We recommend distributors and their customers stock up on the following virus-fighting disinfectants and hand soaps for the most effective clean possible:

4. Prepare with Critical Safety Resources

Another important part in facility and occupant safety is access to the resources you need to keep your entire crew on the same page. It can be difficult to improve safety during a time like this without the material you need to properly inform, educate, and take action.

Learning all you can about disinfection and illness prevention is the best way to ensure your crew and facility occupants are protected. To assist you in your efforts, we created The Learning Center — a free, online resource center dedicated to helping everyone stay healthy and informed on important safety topics.

That’s it for now! Ready to help prevent the spread of illnesses in your facility?

Give us a call at (800) 467-6294 or email to learn more about our Disinfection & Virus Prevention Program.


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