Did you know one study found that about 80% of cleaning professionals misuse products? When it comes to cleaning chemicals, product misuse can be concerning for many reasons…

Ineffective cleaning can lead to left-behind germs and viruses on high-touch surfaces. On top of spreading sickness, this can also result in wasted resources during cleaning routines. We believe the solution to ineffective cleaning starts with proper training for all.

The Easy Way to Clean & Train

As your partner in cleaning and training, we’re here to help you achieve your goals while keeping Everything Clean. Over the years, our team has come together to create industry-leading innovations, including the time and cost-saving, patent-pending PLUS Label System™️ and accompanying online training portal. This innovative solution was created to help simplify cleaning and training… because it shouldn’t be complicated!

Available on all MAXIM® products, the PLUS Label System features product descriptors, numbered steps, universally-understood icons, and short icon descriptors in multiple languages to simplify cleaning and training while eliminating waste and confusion.

Here’s how PLUS labels benefit you and your crew firsthand…

Effective Cleaning Starts with Training

Without effective training and easy-to-understand product instructions, you can expect a lot of questions like “how do I use it?” or “how much do I use?”

PLUS-labeled MAXIM products can be a great source for simplifying training and ensuring your crew has the answers they need on-hand. These descriptive, brightly-colored labels go beyond standard “get it done” instructions to help you train faster and your crew clean easier.

In fact, when put to the test, research revealed the PLUS Label System helped 4 out of 5 cleaning professionals use cleaning chemical products correctly. For those professionals, this can lead to less unnecessary exposure to harmful chemicals and fewer workplace injuries.

Reduce Waste & Confusion to Save MORE

In addition to shorter training and easier cleaning, the PLUS Label System helps businesses save on resources by eliminating time-consuming frustration and confusion. In fact, observational usage research was conducted across several industries to gauge reaction to the PLUS Label System and its performance. Common feedback was that these labels are easier to understand than others on the market.

When referring to the labels, one person said “they’re great… I don’t need any other information.” Another commented that they “wouldn’t add or change a thing” about the labels. Spanish-speaking product users also noted the bilingual instructions helped reduce their need for additional clarification or direction during cleaning. All of this translates to less wasted time and product, which means more savings for your business.

Ready to start saving today? Become a MAXIM distributor or visit whymaxim.com to learn more about the benefits of the PLUS Label System and other exclusive innovations.


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