Most cleaning products we use every day are concentrates of water, meaning that they consist of a cleaning chemical and water at a specific dilution ratio. While a simple household, spray-bottle cleaner can last weeks or months at home, in the commercial cleaning industry, much larger quantities of chemicals are needed to effectively complete the tasks at hand. Because it would be inefficient to transport large batches of cleaning chemicals premixed with water, in many cases the cleaning agent is transported alone, and dilution is then handled by the end user. 

What is a Dilution Control System?

A dilution control system is specifically designed to accurately mix especially formulated concentrate chemicals with water at the exact dilution ratio intended in order to reach a “ready to use” (RTU) cleaning solution. 

Types of Dilution Control Systems

Dilution control systems come in a variety of designs, but most fall into the categories of either wall-mounted, ready to dispense, or portable. 

  • Wall-Mounted Units — Wall-mounted units, like their name describes, mount to a wall within a facility, cleaning storage closet, or wherever is most convenient. The key benefits to using a wall-mounted system are one primary location for dilution of products, multiple products located in one system and product security.
  • Portable Systems — Portable systems are for filling bottles, buckets, or equipment with the proper dilution ratio of cleaning chemicals. Portable dilution control systems usually attach to a bottle, bucket, or other container and dispense the cleaning agent according to the settings chosen by the user. This option is utilized for lightweight, handheld work and provides the end user with flexibility.

Advantages of Dilution Control Systems

There are several reasons why dilution control systems have become so popular in the commercial cleaning industry, but the most direct benefits are safety and cost savings.

  • Safety — Before dilution control systems, cleaning chemical dilution consisted of pre-measuring a cleaning agent before pouring it into a container. This method not only risks using either too little chemical (inefficient cleaning) or too much (damaged surfaces), but also puts the end user at risk of splashing chemicals. In the case when too much product is used, the end result could emit potentially dangerous fumes. Dilution control systems allow the end user to never be exposed to the concentrated chemical and ensure that safe ratios of products are used.
  • Cost-Effective — Dilution control systems can pass on cost-savings to the end user in a few ways. By allowing the supplier to ship only the cleaning agent, shipments are lighter, reducing the cost of shipping for the end user. Unrelated to cost, this also reduces carbon emissions and solid waste. The other inherent cost-saving associated with dilution control is the elimination of product waste. When the end-user is faced with ‘eye-balling’ the amount of product necessary, or measuring by hand, product can be spilled or inaccurately diluted. Dilution control systems ensure that the proper amount of product is used for every application so that no money is spent on wasted product. 

EDS… Midlab’s Answer to Dilution Control

Our Easy Dilution Solution (EDS) is an easy-to-use, hand-held solution that solves common cleaning problems, such as product misuse, wasted resources, and reduced efficiency. By requiring no installation or opportunity for error in chemical calculation, EDS saves you valuable time and money.

EDS has consistently proven to be one of the most innovative solutions to product waste. Available with select Maxim products and featuring the new PLUS Label System, EDS makes diluting products easier than ever before.

EDS benefits include:

  • Works Out of the Box — EDS is designed with you in mind. Spend less time gathering equipment and buying expensive add-ons. With EDS you save time and money by working straight from the box.
  • Handheld Dilution Control — The hand held design of EDS puts you in control. Simplify cleaning while maintaining efficiency.
  • Tamper Proof System — The tamper proof design of EDS ensures that your chemicals are kept exactly how you need them.
  • Accurate Measuring — Eliminate mistakes and potential wasted time with the accurate measuring system only available with EDS products.
  • Maintenance — No cabinet installation or ongoing maintenance.

Contact a Midlab representative at (800) 467-6294 or visit us online at to learn more about EDS and how we can help you keep #EverythingClean.


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