When it comes to floor care, expert advice can make all the difference in maintaining a clean and professional business environment.

At Midlab, we’re proud to have a seasoned chemist with over 30 years of experience in floor care chemistry. In this Q&A session, career chemist and Midlab Technical Director, Jamey Gaston, shares valuable insights and tips to help keep your commercial flooring in top shape.

A Career in Floor Care Chemistry

Jamey’s journey began as a bench chemist, formulating cleaning and maintenance products. Over the years, a fascination with floor care led to him working with major floor finish manufacturing companies, honing his formulating skills and eventually joining Midlab as a leader in creating innovative solutions. This wealth of experience enables him to create world-class floor care products and share all he’s learned with customers…

The Importance of Proper Cleaning & Maintenance

When working with customers, Jamey always emphasizes that regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial for any type of commercial flooring (polished or unpolished). If not properly removed, elements like dirt, sand, and grit can lead to scratches, compromising the appearance of facility floors and leaving a bad impression on guests.

But there’s good news: With the right floor care maintenance tips, you can extend the life of the floor, reducing the need for frequent stripping or replacement and wow-ing employees, customers, and other building visitors.

Pro Tip #1: The Best Way to Clean LVT Floors

The key to effectively cleaning Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is utilizing a formula designed to remove and reduce the amount of film that bonds to the floor’s surface. Standard damp mop solutions for polished vinyl floors aren’t effective at removing this film.

To help keep your LVT floors looking their best, Jamey recommends using a specialized cleaner with ionically charged micro-particles like the MAXIM® LVT Daily Cleaner Plus.

Pro Tip #2: Products to Use on VCT Floors

For Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) flooring, a well-formulated finish that’s scuff and scratch-resistant like MAXIM’s Premium High Solids Floor Finish is key.

Jamey suggests pairing this finish with the right cleaner to maximize results for VCT floors. For this, he recommends MAXIM’s Deep Scrub Floor Cleaner, along with the proper equipment and the floor pads, to help repair micro-scratches and keep your VCT shining.

Pro Tip #3: How to Protect Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floors are beautiful, but this floor type requires specific upkeep to maintain its shiny appearance. To best protect concrete floors, Jamey suggests using a high-quality cleaner that helps improve the density of the concrete and prevent new stains. Cleaners like MAXIM’s Polished Concrete Cleaner & Protector do this on a chemical level by reacting with molecules on the surface to clean better and produce a brighter shine.

Pro Tip #4: When in Doubt, Linoleum & LVT are Similar

Linoleum is an organic floor surface that’s sensitive to harsh chemicals. Made of wood and minerals, this type of flooring often requires similar cleaning and maintenance as LVT. If you’re looking for a starting point in caring for linoleum floors, Jamey recommends MAXIM’s LVT product line-up, which were designed to endure high traffic and maximize your floor’s life.

Your Custom MAXIM® Floor Care Program

By partnering with our experts to personalize a floor care program, you can expect results that enhance your business and improve the experience of everyone who walks in your doors.

The first step in customizing a floor care plan with us is contacting your MAXIM® distributor, who will work with our team to build a program that fits your specific goals and budget. You can also learn more or get started at MaximFloorCare.com.


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