Once upon a time, traditional Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) accounted for 80% of the commercial flooring market. Over the years, that number has decreased significantly due to a growing interest in durable substrates that require less maintenance.

Today, Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and other laminates are quickly replacing VCT—not just for the reduced maintenance, but for the range of design options it offers as well. More and more facilities are looking to implement flooring that’s visually appealing to customers and guests, rather than flooring that simply “gets the job done” but doesn’t add that wow factor.

With businesses and facilities prioritizing flooring on a whole new level, there’s a heightened need for protective, preventative floor care. That’s where MAXIM® comes in…

Clean. Maintain. Restore.
This Floor Care Program Does It All

Investing in preventative floor care products and solutions now will always be more affordable than restoring floors later. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our brand new MAXIM Floor Care Program!

To simplify cleaning with one innovative product line, we developed this comprehensive program to help crews clean, maintain, and restore even the most resilient floor surfaces. Because we understand they need high-quality, high-performance products to achieve multiple goals.

  • Prolong the life of your floors
  • Make an impact on every guest
  • Enhance sanitation throughout your facility
  • Help prevent injuries & accidents
  • Spend more time on other cleaning tasks

Suitable for Many Surfaces

Climate, heavy foot traffic, residue build-up… Facility floors go through a lot. These are only a few factors that can damage floors and accrue money quickly. The good news is, protecting and prolonging the lifespan of floors is possible with the right products for the right surfaces.

The MAXIM Floor Care Program offers just that from one convenient product line. To provide premium-level protection and help repair everyday floor damage with ease, MAXIM products are specially formulated to stand up against dirt, oils, abrasive particles, and grime on today’s most common surfaces, including LVT, LVP, VCT, laminates, concrete, and linoleum.

Keep scrolling to see our top five MAXIM floor care products and learn more about their individual benefits.

Top 5 Floor Care Products

Essential floor care products that just can’t be beat! While the complete MAXIM line offers a wide range of strippers, finishes, sealers, and more, these five must-haves are great for accomplishing multiple goals with ease.

1. Premium High Solids Floor Finish. A high-speed burnishing floor finish formulated to achieve the highest level of gloss and best appearance. Optically enhanced polymer provides a high reflection that is non-yellowing, scuff-resistant, and very responsive to ultra high-speed burnishing.

2. Fast Cure Floor Finish. A hard floor finish formulated to cure fast and achieve superior durability compared to other low maintenance floor finishes on the market. The end result is a floor that resists scuffing, soiling, and everyday wear and tear for an extended length of time between strip and re-coats.

3. Polished Concrete Daily Cleaner & Protector. A three-in-one daily cleaner that uses a cutting-edge biodegradable detergent blend to effectively remove oils, abrasive particles, and grime. This product further densifies concrete and leaves the surface more resistant to staining

4. LVT Daily Floor Cleaner Plus. An everyday cleaner for low maintenance flooring that helps clean and repair abrasions without building gloss or leaving a film or residue. This product was made to be safe on LVT, LVP, laminate, linoleum, and polished VCT.

5. LVT Deep Clean. A heavy-duty cleaner formulated with a proprietary blend of surfactants and builders to penetrate and remove soils without dulling floors. This product is recommended for deep cleaning jobs and was made to be safe on LVT, LVP, laminate, linoleum, and polished VCT. It is also great for preparing floor surfaces prior to applying MAXIM’s LVT Restore.

To implement a new MAXIM Floor Care Program in your facility or become a distributor of MAXIM products, visit us at WhyMaxim.com.


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