If your customers work in a building that has a floor, it could be your ticket to earning more.

Listen, we know floor care isn’t the most exciting topic in the world… But earning more and helping customers at the same time? That’s what drives us to continually improve for our distribution partners.

We’re proud to say our floor care experts have created a comprehensive line of floor care products, specifically to help you better serve your customers. Here’s how we do it…

Don’t Sleep on Growth Opportunities — Floor It!

MAXIM® Floor Care products are designed by career chemists to help your customers achieve their floor care goals and more. By offering these products, you can open the door to higher sales while helping customers save on a critical area of building maintenance.

Here’s a few ways we help distributors across the nation Floor It:

Expanded product line to reach more customers
Carrying MAXIM® floor care chemicals adds value to your product line-up by catering to various needs through a personalized plan for their flooring. This value allows our distributors to tap into new markets—markets our floor care experts understand extremely well. We’ll help ensure your customers are maximizing their floor care, so you can focus on growing your business.

Universally understood instructions for efficient cleaning processes
Exclusively available on all MAXIM® products, The PLUS Label System™️ was created by the experts at Midlab to save you and your customers valuable time and money. The PLUS Label System™️ incorporates multiple languages, numbered steps, visual icons, and icon descriptors to ensure every MAXIM® product is understood and used properly. By making cleaning easier and more effective for your customers, we can help reduce your costs and improve your margins on every product order.

Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
Two words: Repeat business! Our products were designed to protect your customers’ floors, period. We understand customers are more likely to place repeat orders when they are satisfied with the quality of their cleaning chemicals. Our career chemists worked hard to create a comprehensive program for many popular commercial floor types that helps achieve an effective clean every time.

In turn, this helps strengthen the distributor-customer relationship and improves customer loyalty to the brand, ensuring a consistent stream of sales for your business.

How to Floor It with MAXIM® Cleaning Chemicals

Flooring has changed remarkably over the years, evolving to a wide range of materials and styles, from VCT to popular substrates like LVT and polished concrete. Whether it’s keeping up with market trends or developing new products and innovations, helping you Floor It with industry-leading commercial cleaning solutions for your business is our top priority at Midlab.

Ready to become a distributor? Call (800) 467-6294 or email customerservice@midlab.com to speak with a Midlab representative today.

Want to learn more about the benefits of our MAXIM Floor Care Programs? Head to MaximFloorCare.com or subscribe to our YouTube for the latest news as it’s released. You won’t want to miss what’s coming next…


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