Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is one of the most popular flooring options in commercial facilities today.

From high-traffic areas like lobbies and meeting spaces to smaller areas like bathrooms and kitchens, businesses of all kinds are turning away from “traditional” flooring like Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT), which once accounted for most of the market.

Keep reading to find out why so many commercial buildings (and even residential ones!) are utilizing LVT for their floors.

For those who may not know, let’s start at the beginning:


What is Luxury Vinyl Tile?

LVT is a type of flooring material composed of several layers. It’s made to look like wood or stone for a softer, less institutional appearance than polished VCT and other types of commercial flooring. LVT offers business owners and cleaning crews the best of both worlds: durable, low maintenance flooring and an appearance that wows.

LVT layers


Ask the makers of MAXIM®:

Should You Implement LVT in Your Facility?

According to a 2022 report on the global flooring market: “Luxury vinyl flooring is more economical and more efficient than other flooring currently available on the market, and additional factors of LVT, such as cost, weight, and the requirement for low maintenance, make them an ideal choice for flooring…”

LVT’s ability to mimic more expensive flooring materials at a lower price point is an undeniable reason for its rise in popularity. But beyond that, long-term LVT maintenance crews and building owners will appreciate the easier maintenance and extended floor life—both of which help save them time and money!

By eliminating the high cost and time associated with stripping and burnishing, MAXIM’s LVT floor care products help crews clean, maintain, and restore with ease. To better prevent damage from things like climate, soils, and heavy foot traffic, simply use our essential LVT products as directed on the labels to cover all of your cleaning and maintenance needs.


Clean, Maintain, & Restore Your LVT

From the experts at Midlab, comes the MAXIM® Floor Care Program for Luxury Vinyl Tile:

  • LVT Daily Floor Cleaner Plus. An everyday cleaner for low maintenance flooring that helps clean and repair abrasions without building gloss or leaving a film or residue. This product was made to be safe on LVT, LVP, laminate, linoleum, and polished VCT.
  • LVT Deep Clean. A heavy-duty cleaner formulated with a proprietary blend of surfactants and builders to penetrate and remove soils without dulling floors. This product is recommended for deep cleaning jobs and was made to be safe on LVT, LVP, laminate, linoleum, and polished VCT. It is also great for preparing floor surfaces prior to applying MAXIM’s LVT Restore.
  • LVT Restore. Designed to resist scratches and abrasions, this restorative product uses a durable matte coating and superior adhesion to help repair scratched or damaged surfaces and get your floors back to a like-new appearance.


Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…

Here’s what one on-site cleaning professional had to say after comparing MAXIM’s LVT Daily Floor Cleaner to a standard neutral cleaning damp mop cleaning solution for her front office areas:

“The LVT Daily Cleaner by MAXIM cleaned better, left less residue, and left the floor looking more uniform than the standard damp mop product.” – Michelle, Product User

If you don’t already have LVT flooring in your facility, you may want to consider implementing a protective MAXIM® LVT Floor Care Program. If you already have LVT in your facilities, we’re here to help you maintain it, while keeping costs and maintenance time down. If you’re ready to implement LVT, make sure to contact a Midlab representative about the benefits of protective floor care.

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