If you work in the cleaning industry, it probably comes as no surprise that sustainability is quickly transforming from the differentiator to the standard. We’re coming up on 2020, and promoting a safe, healthy environment for our future generations has never been so important.

At Midlab, our Everything Clean mission applies to more than just our products and innovations. It applies to our mentality toward the future and our belief in the power of sustainable efforts. From green cleaning products to energy-saving facilities, there’s a lot of conversation around sustainable cleaning and training solutions, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this rising trend going into the new year.

“Our ‘Everything Clean’ philosophy is a way of doing business that extends to protecting the environment. In any industry, it’s important to do your part and we at Midlab are excited to be leading by example.”
— Matt Schenk, President

Always Look for Third-Party Certifications

In this industry, a commitment to sustainability means working closely with third-party certification organizations and developing environmentally responsible brands consumers will feel good about using. We understand that, which is why we’ve spent countless hours researching and attaining some of the industry’s leading certifications for our product lines and innovations.

leed logo

LEED-certified facilities are the future.

For those who may not know, LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This global program produces the best of the best in the cleaning industry, and we’re excited to be nearing the end of our journey toward a LEED-certified facility!

By assigning LEED certification, the U.S. Green Building Council recognizes best-in-class building strategies using a green strategy that addresses every phase of the building lifecycle. Midlab is currently in the final stages of becoming LEED certified* and, upon achieving this status, will become the first cleaning products manufacturing facility in the industry to be 100% certified.

safer choice logo

Are your products Safer Choice certified?

The Safer Choice Program* uses EPA’s chemical expertise to carefully evaluate products and only allow the logo on products and solutions that have met the program’s strict standards. In short, this logo acknowledges chemical products that are safer for people and the planet, without sacrificing quality or performance. At Midlab, we do our part for the planet by proudly producing cleaning products under the Safer Choice guidelines.

ecologo logo

Does your crew use ECOLOGO™ certified products?

This certification is unique because it essentially tells the story of a product’s environmental performance throughout its lifecycle. Unlike other industry certifications, ECOLOGO enables purchasers to look at their products from a holistic, big-picture view. As a result, ECOLOGO certified brands are some of the most sustainable on the market today.

When choosing a sustainable cleaning chemical manufacturer, always look for one who is continually improving under this certification. For example, we’re working on what we call an “ECOLOGO legacy” by complying with product testing, auditing, and additional environmentally friendly efforts. Our complete production process complies with ECOLOGO’s strictest standards, from initial manufacturing to disposal of waste and everywhere in between.

green seal certified products

Have you seen this green check on your products?

If you have, congrats! Sounds like you’re using Green Seal-approved cleaning products. This sustainable third-party certification uses science-based programs to empower consumers, purchasers, and companies to create a more sustainable world. That’s the Green Seal mission, and that’s what Midlab chooses to be a part of every day.

Following a set of strict performance and quality criteria, we took the necessary steps to become Green Seal-approved because we understand the importance of a healthy environment. As the sustainability trend continues to rise in our industry in 2020, you can do your part by choosing products that comply with this rigorous, periodic testing. There’s no switch too small when it comes to creating a safe, healthy environment!

What does this mean for your facility?

These certifications are some of the most well-known and respected in the Janitorial Sanitation industry. Companies across the globe consistently work towards these “seals of approval” as part of their commitment to sustainability. And they do it all for you, your crew, and your facility.

Keeping Everything Clean isn’t always as easy as people think. Whether you’re looking to simplify cleaning or cut down on wasted or harmful resources, products and solutions with these certifications can help you. The best part? You can feel good about using them to meet your goals. Because with green-certified products and solutions, comes a greener (and cleaner!) facility.

Taking Green Cleaning to the Next Level

At Midlab, we understand the need to be proactive and innovative in our efforts to help protect the environment. We’re always looking to improve our products, processes, and packaging to be a greener, more sustainable company for our community and beyond. While environmentally responsible certifications continue to gain more and more momentum in the industry, they aren’t the only solution for keeping Everything Clean and green.

Interested in learning about our other environmentally friendly innovations and initiatives? Visit our sustainability page or give us a call at (423) 337-3180 to speak with a representative about how you can use Midlab’s green solutions to improve your facility’s efficiencies and better the environment.

*EPA/Safer Choice recognition does not constitute endorsement of this product. LEED certification submitted for approval.


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