February is the month of love, and there’s nothing our team loves more than helping you Floor It… except maybe redefining the way you feel about cleaning and floor care along the way.

At Midlab, our top priority is ensuring you have the products and solutions you need to protect your commercial floors—period. But beyond that, we’re on a mission to maximize your entire floor care experience, so you and your customers get more out of every floor.

Here’s three easy steps you can take right now to show your floors love this season:

Start with a Strong Foundation

Choosing the right cleaning chemicals serves as the foundation of your relationship with your floors. Start by understanding the unique needs of your commercial space. Consider factors like foot traffic, floor type, and maintenance frequency.

Choosing the right floor care products is like finding the perfect match for your floors—it’s a foundation for a long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationship.

Treat Your Floors to Regular Care

Nurturing your floors with regular cleaning and maintenance is incredibly important in this relationship, but it doesn’t have to be challenging or time-consuming. Implementing a simple, yet effective cleaning and maintenance routine is like spoiling your floors on a regular basis. It ensures they’re always at their best and you’re always getting the most out of the relationship. From there, it’s all about consistent attention and care to keep them in top condition.

MAXIM® products were made with regular floor care cleaning and maintenance in mind. Our proprietary cleaning products were formulated by career chemists to help customers in all industries care for their floors with ease. Because maximized floor care is our love language!

Listen & Respond to Your Floors’ Needs

Did you know you and your floors share your own language? As with any great love, proper communication is key in understanding the others’ needs.

Heading into the spring season, keep an eye out for signs that your floors need attention after a cold, icy winter. Commercial floors often need a little extra love this time of year, and they’ll tell you the only way they can—through discoloration, dulling, moisture damage, and other common signs of winter-related wear and tear.

Just make sure to respond appropriately to what you see. Left untreated, the effects of snow, ice melt, and everyday dirt and soils can hurt your floors and your investment in them. But a little extra attention and care after a harsh season is a great way to maximize your results and start the next season strong.

Could MAXIM® Be Your Perfect Match?

Our floor care experts are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with a personalized building maintenance plan. Need high-performance products to protect against foot traffic? Looking for multipurpose products that can be used on floors and other surfaces?

To find your floors perfect match, head to MaximFloorCare.com or contact us to get started with a plan you and your floors will love.


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