Spring is in the air, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to breathe new life into your commercial facilities.

As leaders in the cleaning chemical industry, the experts at Midlab understand the critical role spring cleaning plays in creating and maintaining a pristine, safer environment. Let’s dive into why this season warrants a deeper focus on cleanliness, and how MAXIM® cleaning products can help you achieve unparalleled results.

Tip #1: Go Beyond Regular Cleaning & Maintenance

While routine cleaning is essential for day-to-day upkeep, spring cleaning offers a chance to address neglected areas and tackle deep-seated grime. It’s a proactive approach to sanitation that goes beyond surface cleanliness, ensuring a healthier and more inviting space for occupants and visitors alike.

Midlab’s comprehensive range of specialized cleaning solutions empowers distributors and their customers by providing the products you need to:

  • Protect against the spread of germs & illnesses
  • Fight stubborn dirt & stains
  • Revitalize surfaces for a like-new appearance
  • Eliminate odor-causing bacteria

Tip #2: Address Winter Dirt or Damage Right Away

Another reason spring cleaning is so timely? Winter’s harsh conditions can wreak havoc on indoor spaces — especially commercial floors — leaving behind a trail of dirt, salt, and debris.

After snow and ice melt away, this left-behind dirt needs immediate attention. And if chemicals like ice melt are used to help speed up the process, it’s even more important to address cleaning and floor care right away to avoid challenges like staining, corrosion, moisture damage, or residue build-up.

As the warmer weather settles in, if you find yourself already dealing with challenges like stains, moisture, or left-behind dirt from winter, know there are products and solutions that can help. Our specially-formulated MAXIM® floor care chemicals are designed to target tough winter residues, effectively dissolving salt deposits, melting ice or ice melt remnants, and restoring shine to dulling or discolored surfaces.

Tip #3: Consider the Solutions You Need to Succeed

While it’s true that rough winter seasons can harm flooring like laminates (LVT), VCT, and polished concrete, spring cleaning goes far beyond proper floor care in commercial facilities. To effectively clean all areas and tackle all types of post-winter problems, it’s important to partner with a cleaning chemical manufacturer that also offers innovative, value-added solutions to elevate your maintenance plan.

With innovations like our universally-understood PLUS Label System and environmentally-responsible FlexMax Packaging for floor care chemicals, we’re able to provide a diverse portfolio of cleaning, training, and packaging solutions that help streamline internal processes and maximize efficiency in your facilities.

So, whether you’re deep cleaning hard-carpets, disinfecting high-touch surfaces, or simply keeping up with the infamous spring pollen that’s already appearing in certain regions, Midlab has you covered with products and solutions that deliver unparalleled results. Every time.

Ready to become a distributor? Want to learn more about our products and innovations? Find the answers you’re looking for or get started today at WhyMaxim.com.


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