In recent years, you’ve probably noticed an increasing focus on sustainability across many industries. That’s because sustainability connects people under a common goal of creating a healthier future for all.

As the U.S. Department of Agriculture says, “Being sustainable makes sense. It can improve health, increase safety, and save money. Replacing the use of toxic materials with more sustainable options is safer for staff, reduces hazardous waste, and reduces potentially expensive liability… We all benefit from cleaner, healthier products [and solutions].”

Going Green in Your Facility

Getting involved with sustainability can have a positive impact on your entire facility. From improving safety to cutting down on wasted resources, implementing sustainable products and processes can benefit your bottom line in the long run.

If you’re looking to make improvements by going green in your facility, here are a few easy options to consider starting with:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint. Installing energy-efficient lights, machinery, and equipment into your facility will drastically reduce your energy use and help you cut down on operational costs.
  • Recycle what you can. Recycling sends less waste to landfills and reduces overall pollution. A quick online search can tell you where your nearest recycling facility is located and the types of materials that are accepted.
  • Research your options. Purchasing green-certified cleaning products is a great way to get involved in sustainability. Make the switch to healthier products by using distributors that actively participate in green initiatives and work to improve the environment in all stages of their product lifecycles.

3 Ways We’re Keeping Everything Clean for the Environment

At Midlab, we proudly operate under a team-wide “Everything Clean” philosophy that extends into our dedication to protecting the planet and all of its inhabitants. From our drive for innovation to our unparalleled customer care, we always aim to lead with sustainability in mind.

Now that you know how to get involved with sustainability in your facility, here are a few things we’re doing at Midlab to show our commitment to the environment:

1. LEED™️ Gold-certified Operations
As a result of continued sustainable efforts, Midlab became the first and only cleaning chemical manufacturer in the nation with a 100% LEED Gold-certified facility. This prestigious certification from the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design recognizes best-in-class building strategies through a green rating system that analyzes every phase of a building’s lifecycle.

As a benefit to our distributors and their customers, our LEED Gold certification reassures eco-minded end users that the Midlab products they use were manufactured in the most sustainable way possible.

2. Green Products & Innovations
Though important, getting our LEED Gold certification isn’t the only way we’re actively involved in sustainability. In addition to a comprehensive line of third-party certified green cleaning products, we’re proud to offer innovative, environmentally-responsible solutions like FlexMax Packaging. Created to be a simple solution to conventional product packaging, FlexMax bags use significantly less material and energy during production and distribution (meaning less waste and more savings for you!).

For the facilities that make the switch from standard buckets and pails, research shows FlexMax helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30% and post-consumer solid waste by up to 62%. Along with its environmental benefits, we’re also proud to say this innovative packaging empties completely and collapses down to nothing—so you can lower product waste and save on costs.

3. Ongoing Plant Recycling Program
Another important way the Midlab team is actively involved in sustainable efforts is through a comprehensive Plant Recycling Program. Implemented to help responsibly dispose of applicable materials, this program allows us to recycle 95% of all cardboard and plastic used during the manufacturing process.

As a partner in both facility and environmental health, we aim to keep that number rising and hope you’ll join us in our long-term efforts to keep Everything Clean.

Ready to reach your sustainability goals?

We’re here to help! Our green products and solutions make it easy to protect the environment while improving facility operations. From third-party certifications to safety-focused support, Midlab has everything you need to keep Everything Clean.

To learn more about our involvement in sustainability or find out how your facility can benefit from a Midlab partnership, call (800) 467-6294 or visit


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