Environmental responsibility and accountability is growing increasingly important every day. Across all industries, we continue to see the negative effects living and working can have on our planet if we aren’t mindful of sustainable practices.

To combat these potentially harmful effects, we’re committed to making a difference in sustainability and in our industry. Through efforts like our plant recycling program, third-party certifications, and environmentally-sustainable products and packaging, we’re able to improve within and outside of our facility. Even more importantly, these efforts enable us to help customers and partners improve their environmental impact, so they can join us in making a real difference for the planet.

LEED™ Gold Certification: Why It Matters

In 2019, Midlab became the first and only cleaning chemical manufacturer in the country to operate out of a completely LEED Gold-certified® facility. For those who don’t know, this means our products are made with the least harmful impact on the environment.

We proudly serve our customers as the only manufacturer in the industry who can say this. While having a LEED-certified office or warehouse is an excellent step in sustainability, it was important to our entire team that Midlab’s manufacturing plant be as sustainable as possible.

Though our LEED Gold certification was earned based on Midlab’s sustainable efforts, there are many benefits for our distributors, BSC partners, and end users as well. A LEED-certified partnership means you can actively help…

  • Create less CO2 emissions
  • Use less energy
  • Save more water
  • Divert waste from landfills

In other words, our LEED Gold certification means less operational waste, a lower environmental footprint, and happier customers for YOU.

Now, our partners can tell their customers that MAXIM® products were manufactured in the most sustainable way possible. Eco-minded customers (and employees!) will be thrilled to learn that you’re actively protecting the environment, giving you a huge advantage over less environmentally-conscious competitors.

Environmentally-Sustainable is the Way of the Future

Beyond LEED, our comprehensive Plant Recycling Program was implemented to help responsibly dispose of applicable materials. Today, we’re thrilled to say that up to 95% of all cardboard and plastic used during Midlab’s manufacturing process is responsibly recycled.

During the manufacturing process, we also focus heavily on the development of environmentally-sustainable products and innovations. We understand the products and solutions we use everyday have a significant impact on our environment, which is why we’re especially proud to offer cleaning products from Nattura (our third-party certified product line) and solutions like FlexMax Packaging (our energy and waste-reducing solution to conventional packaging for floor care products).

Improve Sustainability in Your Facility!

Sustainable facilities offer multiple benefits—not just for the environment, but for your bottom line too. Your entire facility can benefit from improved safety and waste reduction, which is why we’re here to help you keep Everything Clean with simple tips for becoming more sustainable.

These tips are just the beginning. We’re always researching innovative ways to reduce our footprint and help those in our industry and communities protect the environment. If you’d like to join us in our efforts, here are a few easy ways to start improving in sustainability today…

  • Research. Making the switch to healthier products is great for the environment. To start the switch, research distributors near you to find out who is actively participating in green initiatives and improving the environment in all stages of the product lifecycle.
  • Reduce. Installing energy-efficient lights, machinery, and equipment into your facility will drastically reduce your carbon footprint and help cut down on operational costs.
  • Recycle. Recycling sends less waste to landfills and reduces pollution. A simple online search can tell you where your nearest recycling facility is and which materials are accepted.


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