The right floor care maintenance program for schools can help extend its life to upwards of 25 years, depending on the type of flooring. And the benefits don’t stop there…

From the gymnasium and cafeteria to the classrooms and bathrooms, certain types of flooring like VCT (vinyl composite tile) and LVT (luxury vinyl tile) are everywhere these days. As we begin another academic year, it’s important to remember school floors play a significant role in overall cleanliness and the longevity of the surface itself.

3 Key Objectives to Unlocking Maximized Floor Care

The industry experts and career chemists at Midlab understand the challenges educational facilities face every day, and the solutions janitorial and custodial crews need to protect school floors and those who use them. That’s why we created the MAXIM® Floor Care Program to help schools with VCT or LVT unlock maximized floor care by focusing on these key objectives…

  • Better Health & Attendance
    Beyond extending its life and maximizing a school’s investment, how floors are cleaned and maintained also plays a large role in staff and student health and attendance rates. Well-cleaned floors throughout a school can help reduce the amount of allergens and airborne pathogens that often lead to student and staff absences due to sickness.
  • Easier Training & Maintenance
    Finding a floor care partner that helps make cleaning, maintenance, and training easier for your staff (and any new hires in the future) is a huge advantage for many schools. By offering product innovations designed to aid in streamlined training, a partner like Midlab can actually help save staff time. For crews who might be overstretched due to a lack of staffing in schools right now, this time saved is invaluable!

Bonus! Available on all MAXIM® products, our patent-pending PLUS Label System helps janitorial and custodial crews achieve easier cleaning and training with universally-understood instructions.

  • Enhanced Appearance & Longevity
    A common objective for our team when working with schools, eliminating soils and dirt that cause micro-scratches in the finish of floors and dull the appearance is a top priority. In high traffic areas like hallways, schools also tend to experience an excess of dark scuff marks from shoes and equipment. A floor care program that promotes high-performance cleaning and maintenance can help prolong the floor life and restore the surface to a like-new appearance, even in overcrowded areas.

Pro tip: If your school has an outdoor play area, regular dust mopping is essential in preventing damage to floors! Sand and debris from playgrounds can cause premature wear and tear, dulling the appearance of the floor and diminish its lifespan.

Premium Floor Care Products for Schools

To help keep your VCT or LVT floors looking their best for as long as possible, pay special attention to the kind of formulas applied to your floors. At Midlab, we recommend the following products for schools looking to keep floors clean and the surface looking new:

No Rinse Daily Floor Cleaner
This product is specifically designed for daily mopping or auto scrubbing to keep floors clean by removing soils — an important step in protecting your floor’s finish. Used to effectively rid floors of stains, scuff marks, and other signs of activity in schools, this no-rinse formula dissolves salts and grime that can damage VCT and other types of flooring. Plus it offers a fresh lemon fragrance to enhance the learning environment!

LVT Daily Floor Cleaner PLUS
Formulated for LVT and other laminate flooring, this daily cleaner is best suited for low-maintenance commercial floors. In addition to cleaning, this film-free formula works to continually repair abrasions without building gloss or leaving residue on floors.

See the results firsthand with a personalized MAXIM® floor care program for your school. Contact your MAXIM® representative to get started or learn more at


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