In response to growing concerns over the presence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in cleaning products, Midlab is leading initiatives towards PFAS-free alternatives.

PFAS, also referred to as “forever chemicals” or “everywhere chemicals,” have been widely used in various industries since the 1950s to help increase efficiency in product development. However, there’s been a concerted effort to phase them out of use recently. Keep reading to learn why…

What are the Risks of PFAS?

PFAS are known for their persistence in the environment and potential health risks. These substances do not break down easily, leading to long-term environmental contamination. Certain PFAS have been linked to various health issues, including developmental effects, liver damage, immune system impacts, and an increased risk of certain cancers.

How Do I Know If a Product Has PFAS?

If you’re wondering what cleaning products have PFAS or how to tell if a cleaning product has PFAS, know this: It can be difficult to detect without specialized testing. However, as part of our commitment to transparency and safety, Midlab always provides detailed information about the ingredients in our products.

For information on our current PFAS-free options and emerging alternatives, please contact your nearest MAXIM® distributor or Midlab representative.

Midlab’s Path to PFAS-Free Cleaning Products

As proud supporters of the environment, our Environmental Policy exists to reinforce the importance of protecting the planet and its inhabitants through the utilization of natural resources and alternative solutions to challenges like PFAS in cleaning products.

At Midlab, 95% of our products have never contained intentionally-added PFAS. Today, we’re committed to eliminating them from our products entirely, which is why our floor care line is currently undergoing a transition to PFAS-free alternative, so it can join the rest of our MAXIM® products and sustainable solutions in leading the way towards a healthier planet and people.

Our Commitment to Leading the Way

In light of these efforts, we’re pleased to announce that Midlab, along with several team members, has joined the Household & Commercial Products Association (HCPA), an organization that plays a crucial role in setting industry standards and ensuring product safety. By establishing standardized test methods and advocating for improved legislation, the HCPA helps ensure accuracy and reliability across the industry, benefiting both the businesses and distributors we serve, as well as their customers.

Moving into the future, our team members, including VP of Quality, Science, & Regulatory Affairs, Jamey Gaston, will be representing Midlab on various boards, divisions, and committees within the HCPA and other industry associations, including:

  • HCPA’s Cleaning Products & Floor Care Products Divisions
  • HCPA’s Antimicrobial Products Division
  • HCPA’s Air Care Products Division
  • ISSA’s Regulatory Steering Committee
  • ASTM’s D21 Floor Care & Polishes Division
  • ASTM’s Cleaners & Detergents Division

Known in the industry for a commitment to forward-thinking innovation, Jamey and the other team members representing Midlab come equipped with decades of experience related to regulatory compliance and changes in industry standards.

Your Partner in Commercial Cleaning & Floor Care

With our experts leading the way through participation in industry associations and other sustainable efforts, Midlab can help shape key guidelines around PFAS, environmental policies, and any future changes or challenges. In doing so, we hope to enable our customers to rest assured that we have their back, thanks to a full suite of environmentally-sustainable products and innovations.

Looking to learn more? Head to to explore our complete product lines or follow us on social media (@midlabeverythingclean) for future PFAS-free product updates, industry insights, and team updates.


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