Did you know more than 70% of facility managers report elements like dirt, dust, salts/sands, and debris as one of their biggest cleaning challenges?

But that’s not all… On top of these elements and everyday foot traffic, 22% of facility managers also find it challenging to keep hard surfaces in their facilities properly cleaned and maintained.

This challenge to keep everything clean and safe for facility occupants — while also preserving the surface itself — is exactly why we created the MAXIM® floor care program.

Pictured: sample of the MAXIM floor care product suite


MAXIMize Your Floor Life

What’s unique about the MAXIM floor care program is it was specially designed to help facility managers accomplish more than one goal. Rather than just cleaning floors, the powerful products in this line also work to clean, preserve, and improve the appearance of many types of floor surfaces.

Keep reading to learn more about one of our favorite floor care products for achieving goals just like these…


Featured MAXIM® Product:
Premium High Solids Floor Finish

This high-speed burnishing floor finish was formulated to achieve the highest level of gloss and best appearance possible. Optically enhanced polymer provides a high reflection that’s non-yellowing, scuff-resistant, and extremely responsive to ultra high-speed burnishing. We love this product and facility managers in many industries do, too!

Best for use on VCT, sheet vinyl, linoleum, terrazzo, rubber, and laminate flooring, this premium product (no. 152500) is durable and requires fewer coats, making it easier to maintain commercial floors long-term.

With regular use, our Premium High Solids Floor Finish can help facility managers and their crews avoid and prolong challenges like:

  • Discoloration – Dirt, grime, and other elements can lead to oxidation, causing yellow or brown spots to show up on your floors.
  • Fading appearance – Scuffs, scratches, and marks from everyday use can lead to deep soils that affect your floor’s appearance.
  • Stripping & recoating – If not prolonged with the right daily maintenance cleaners, VCT requires labor-intensive stripping and recoating to restore.

One product line. Multiple benefits.

At Midlab, home of the MAXIM floor care program, we believe superior building maintenance starts with premium products. Our goal for this program is to help facility managers and crews simplify and save on floor care. Because cleaning, maintaining, and restoring your facility’s floors shouldn’t be complicated or costly.

See the results firsthand with your custom floor care program today! Contact your MAXIM representative to get started or learn more at MaximFloorCare.com.

Information in this article was sourced from Statista research studies.


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