After nearly a year of COVID-19, it seems there’s finally talk of a light at the end of the tunnel. That light may feel distant, but it has more and more people openly discussing what it will look like when the time comes to safely return to doing what they love.

Hoping and preparing for an end to COVID-19 are two very different things.

We all hope to see a permanent solution to this harmful virus sooner rather than later. But while we’re working towards that as a society, there’s so much we can do as individuals to help keep those we love safe by preventing the spread of germs.

So you can protect what matters most while preparing to safely return to work or school, we’re providing helpful resources and advice for maintaining healthier spaces in your facility. Together, we CAN kill tough viruses like COVID-19 and help our market recover, even if only in small ways.

Nearly every industry is affected by viruses.

Before 2020, it was viruses like the flu, norovirus, and rotavirus (among others). Today, we’ve added SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) to the long list of reasons why effective disinfection is critical in any industry.

Moving forward, there needs to be better solutions for preventing and eliminating viruses. That’s why we created The Learning Center, a spot for free digital resources focused on helping you improve safety in your facility.

Whether you need printable, step-by-step guides on proper virus prevention or clarity on which disinfectants are on the N-list (i.e. effective against Human Coronavirus), we’ve got you covered. Because the best way to ensure your customers, crew, and loved ones stay safe is by learning all you can about viruses and the products that protect against them.

Protect what matters most with the power of hydrogen peroxide.

Many people aren’t aware that some of today’s leading cleaners and disinfectants use harsh, high-risk ingredients to kill germs. These products may help protect against viruses, but they can also open the door to a wide range of other long-term health concerns, such as asthma, contact dermatitis, and irritation to the eyes, mouth, mucous membranes, or gastrointestinal system.

Hydrogen peroxide is one of today’s most powerful solutions to creating healthier working and learning environments in any industry. This gentle ingredient, used in our leading disinfectant, Facility+ by Maxim, is taking the cleaning industry by storm for its ability to effectively kill germs and viruses without the long-term risks associated with toxic ingredients like sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and quaternary ammonium chlorides (quats).

Disinfect smarter, not harder!

Another common problem in proper virus prevention is time. You spend a great deal of time serving customers and training your crew, so you don’t have any to waste on lengthy cleaning processes that rely on a dozen different SKUs.

Amidst everything going on in the world, what if you could simplify your cleaning and training processes with just one step? In other words, what if you could return to what you love without spending hours on disinfection and virus prevention every day?

To help achieve this and better protect the health of those around you, one-step Facility+ was made with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind. So you can get back to work or school safely, while improving efficiency within your facility and workflow.

That’s the Midlab difference.

Helping you clean and disinfect with ease is why we do what we do, but our Everything Clean philosophy is about much more than just cleaning. It’s about being a partner in your business and your safety during the good and bad times alike. It’s about creating and maintaining healthier environments, so you can enjoy more peace of mind overall.

By formulating gentle, yet effective products like Facility+ and developing innovative solutions like the PLUS Label System (featured on Facility+ and all other Maxim products), we’re able to provide everything you need to keep Everything Clean. That’s the Midlab difference.


Facility+ is readily available in multiple bottle sizes (including our Easy Dilution Solution) for direct delivery to your work or school. To learn more or place your order, call (800) 467-6294 or email us at


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