Long-time Midlab partner and leading provider of cleaning and janitorial services, McLemore Building Maintenance is embracing innovation in the commercial cleaning industry with the use of powerful, interactive AR technology.

Keep reading to find out how McLemore and Midlab are partnering to utilize this innovative technology, and how you can leverage the power of AR next!

Understanding the Power of AR Technology

Augmented Reality (AR) used to be thought of solely as a solution for the future—but over the past decade or so, it’s evolved to become a critical component in the way many businesses train and operate today…

How does AR work?

By merging virtual information with the physical world around us, AR technology offers users a revolutionary way to learn and work through interactive environments. Users can access product information and other data, receive real-time notifications about their surroundings, and even control virtual objects placed in their environment.

How does AR help reduce training concerns for custodial staff?

For many organizations, high turnover in the custodial department is cause for headaches. Improper training of new hires and using fill-ins from other areas can lead to concerns of irregular service and improper sanitation. AR technology helps reduce concerns like these by introducing an engaging, efficient system for training custodial staff using detailed instructions and interactive visuals.

How is McLemore implementing AR?

President Richard Rodriguez shares: “When looking for an AR solution that meets our needs, we turned to an experienced partner like Midlab to help implement and maintain a new kind of training program for our team. The AR technology by Midlab enables our new hires to learn the necessary skills required for their position quickly and easily.”

By partnering with Midlab to test, implement, and maintain AR technology, McLemore aims to reduce training problems in their own custodial department with an accelerated, thorough solution to wasted time and money. Today, Midlab’s on a mission to help as many facility managers and business leaders as possible achieve these goals, too…

The INSPIRE Training Experience:

A Revolutionary Way to Clean & Train

Created as the next evolution of our patent-pending PLUS Label System™️, we’ve been busy helping our partners succeed with the exclusive INSPIRE Training Experience!

The patented INSPIRE Training Experience transforms the way facility managers and teams learn about cleaning and training. With the help of this AR technology, you can accelerate the learning process, enhance facility safety, and minimize the need for direct supervision without compromising on a job well done. By equipping custodial staff with on-demand knowledge and visual information, AR sets teams up for success by making complicated instructions easier to understand and follow.

All in all, revolutionary AR technology like the INSPIRE Training Experience results in partners receiving more than ever before…

  • More solutions to common problems like turnover
  • More real-time communication between teams
  • More everyday tasks accomplished safely & effectively
  • More cost-savings thanks to proper cleaning & training!

Ready to leverage the power of AR firsthand?

When it comes to AR for cleaning and training, Midlab’s proud to be leading the way alongside innovative partners like Richard and the entire McLemore team.

Want to partner with us to leverage AR firsthand? Fill out the brief form here or call (800) 467-6294 to speak with a Midlab representative.Interested in learning more? Head to midlab.com/AR-innovation or follow us on social media to be the first to know about INSPIRE Training Experience updates!


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