Does your team constantly handle large, bulky buckets full of easy-to-spill floor care products? Has storing and disposing of these buckets become a frustrating part of the cleaning process? What if there was a solution that could simplify cleaning for your team? Now, there is!

Midlab is proud to introduce FlexMax Packaging into the extensive Maxim product line. FlexMax Packaging was developed by Midlab to make floor care more flexible and reduce product waste. Now, you can replace bulky buckets with FlexMax-packaged products that empty completely and collapse down to nothing.

Buckets are a pain to store – they’re clunky and take up too much space. But with FlexMax Packaging, less storage space is needed since they are packed 2 bags per box for the easiest, most flexible storage possible! It may sound too good to be true, but research shows that FlexMax Packaging uses up to 38% less storage space than buckets.

When it comes time to use a FlexMax-packaged product, simply take it out of storage and bring it where it’s needed – with the convenient built-in handle. The sturdy, ergonomic FlexMax design ensures that transporting floor care products is mess-free and hassle-free. Simply put, the portable and durable packaging makes cleaning easier.

Using FlexMax-packaged products ensures efficiency at every turn. Buckets aren’t flexible and don’t empty completely. With FlexMax Packaging, you can squeeze every last drop of product out of the bag before discarding it. This quick and easy maneuver wastes no time and helps cut down on product waste costs.

If that’s not reason enough to make the switch from bulky, wasteful buckets, FlexMax Packaging also helps reduce your team’s carbon footprint! In comparison to conventional buckets, research shows that FlexMax Packaging reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 30% and post-consumer solid waste by 65%. Once you’ve completely emptied a product bag, simply recycle the FlexMax package for a sustainable, more eco-friendly way to clean.

Simple. Safe. Sustainable. That’s how floor care should be. With its easy-to-use, durable, and portable product design, FlexMax proves that Midlab really does have the answer in the bag.

We challenge you to see for yourself just how much easier floor care can be with FlexMax Packaging. Click here to request a free sample today or visit for additional information.


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