‘Tis the season for reflection, and at Midlab, we’re taking time to look back on and show gratitude for another truly remarkable year.

Our customers and team have achieved tremendous success, and we take pride in the strides made together. Around this time last year, we hit the ground running on our goals, and now we’re excited to share some of our team’s favorite memories and key company milestones that have happened over the past year.

Midlab Milestones: A Quick Recap of 2023

Stepping Up Our Floor Care Game

This year, one of the most exciting endeavors we’ve embarked on as a team is the advancement of our floor care program, complete with industry leading knowledge from career chemists and floor care experts on our team. But let’s be honest: We know floor care can still be kind of… dull from time to time. That’s why we prioritize finding creative ways to show our customers just how easy (and fun) it can be to simplify and save on floor care—or as we like to say, Floor It.

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That’s a Wrap on ISSA

We’re still reeling from another great ISSA show! Our team looks forward to this event every year, and this year didn’t disappoint. We appreciated hearing from attendees on their floor care challenges and sharing how our MAXIM® product line can help solve critical problems in commercial buildings. We also loved getting to talk all things AR, demonstrating our very own INSPIRE Training Experience for those interested in looking into a cleaner future with the help of advanced Augmented Reality technology!

Here’s a look at some of the fun in case you missed it…

Matt Schenk for President!

Along with the standard schedule, our team was also thrilled to be at the North American show to honor our very own Matt Schenk, who was named President of ISSA this year. If you’re on LinkedIn, you can learn more and join us in congratulating Matt on this outstanding achievement here!

Do You Have What You Need for 2024?

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