If you’ve been following along with us lately, you’ve probably heard us talk about the importance of proper floor care. But why?

Sure, floors aren’t always an exhilarating topic… but for many public buildings and facilities, they can be key in keeping everything clean and running smoothly.

Schools, restaurants, offices, hotels, airports, and buildings in many other industries rely on clean, well-maintained floors to prolong its life and impress visitors. And we’re here to help them all Floor It!

How to Floor It with Midlab

Wondering what Floor It means to us? We asked a few of our floor care experts to shed some light on this Midlab mantra — here’s what our team had to say:

Our VIP of Sales for National Accounts, Mark McKenzie, hears “Floor It” and thinks “accelerate.” To him, it’s about getting something done faster AND better by moving on it now, whether that’s in everyday cleaning of floors or in maintenance tasks like stripping and finishing large areas.

When asked what it means to them, Vice President of Sales, Keith Manning and Director of Creative Services, Jennifer Lee agree: “It’s about maximizing the appearance of your floors.” And they have a point!

Floors are often the first thing people notice in a building; they’re also an opportunity for your building to make a statement. How floors look can ultimately determine how visitors feel about a space. Think about it, have you ever walked into a building with really dirty floors and thought, ‘this is a good sign’? Every impression matters.

Matt Johnston, Midlab’s Chief Operating Officer, says Floor It is a mentality: “Being in this industry, as I walk into any building, the first thing I notice are the floors; it drives my family crazy. I start talking about products they should use and keep an eye out for custodial carts to inspect.

Once you find the right products for your floors, you start seeing the benefits firsthand, then you want to help others achieve the same results.”

Why We’re Equipped to Help You Floor It

Flooring has changed remarkably over the years, evolving to a wide range of materials and styles, from VCT and terrazzo to popular new substrates like LVT and polished concrete.

Our priority at Midlab isn’t just keeping up with market trends and new product development, but also innovating and finding new solutions to help you Floor It—whatever that means to you.

Here’s a few ways a comprehensive MAXIM® Floor Care Program by Midlab can help maximize any crew’s cleaning and maintenance efforts with ease:

“Floor It is more than a phrase to us, it’s a trumpet call to the industry about how the right floor care products and innovations can maximize your efforts.” – Matt J., COO

What does Floor It mean to you?

We want to know! Share your thoughts on how to Floor It with us on our social media pages. Just make sure to check back often… We’ll be talking about all things floor care AND releasing a few “rad” surprises in the coming months (oops, was that a hint?)

Stay tuned and until then, head to MaximFloorCare.com to learn more about what Floor It can mean with Maxim®!

*The PLUS Label System™️ is available exclusively on all MAXIM® products.


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