To say ‘Midlab knows innovation’ would be an understatement. Over the years, our team has created numerous innovative products and solutions that are taking the cleaning industry by storm. Though they differ in category and functionality, the goal for our innovations is always the same: to simplify cleaning for you and your team. Because cleaning shouldn’t be complicated!

Chief Supply Chain & Information Officer, Matt Johnston, sat down to speak to the thought process behind our innovations and how innovating plays an important role in a company’s success— no matter the industry. With innovation around every corner, the future is bright and our customer’s facilities are clean!

1. Briefly explain your role at Midlab (for those who don’t know).

“As the Chief Supply Chain and Information Officer (CSCIO), I serve many roles. Primarily, I ensure our mission of customer delight is achieved through the daily communication and execution of complex supply chain & manufacturing operations objectives, while also leveraging technology to streamline and strengthen the organization’s business processes.”

2. Can you tell us about some of Midlab’s latest and greatest innovations?

“Glad you asked. Since the beginning, Midlab’s passion and focus has been on constant innovation that drives demand. We come from humble beginnings. It is instilled in our culture and daily execution, which propels us ahead of our competition because we care and are passionate about what we do! Our latest award-winning innovation is called FlexMax. FlexMax has taken a huge leap in the industry by replacing those bulky and heavy 5-Gallon pails with flexible packaging that is not only easier to use but generates less waste, is easy to handle, and is more environmentally friendly. Being first is not always easy, but that is what we do! FlexMax packaging has won multiple innovative packaging awards throughout the country and we see this innovation leading the way toward the future in our industry.”

3. Where does the inspiration for new, innovative products and solutions come from?

“Again, another great question. I started with Midlab in 2010 and from day one, there has been one constant, Matt Schenk. The joke around Midlab is there are too many ‘Matt’s,’ but we make a great team! Matt Schenk is an innovator through-and-through and knows the industry better than anyone. His focus and passion for ‘Customer Delight’ is infectious and reaches everyone in our company, which is a key reason for our position in the market and continuous innovations.”

4. Can you elaborate on the process for releasing a new innovation?

“We believe in not looking for the finite, one, two, or three-year view but looking for long-term solutions that support our distribution partners’ goals. We believe in a term called ‘valucentricity,’ which simply means that our focus on value creation is at the core of who we are and what we do. Thriving on this model, we’re able to work with customers and the industries they serve, generating new products that get to the root of solving many long-term industry hurdles.”

5. What role do you feel innovation plays in the overall success of the company?

“As stated earlier, this is in our DNA at Midlab, as we have been innovating for over 40 years. We thrive in solving the most complex chemistry and industry challenges, which strengthen our distributor partner relationships. One question we always get asked by our customers is, ‘what is the next new product?’ Luckily for Midlab, we always have an answer!”

6. Any innovations coming soon that you can tell us about?

“We always have something in the queue! Not to give too much away, but you’ll want to visit us at the ISSA show in Las Vegas this November, where we’ll have one of the most innovative booths demonstrating some of the latest cleaning and technological solutions available in our industry.”

There you have it. Innovation, explored by an industry-leading innovator himself. Interested in learning more about Midlab innovations? Visit or email us at for more information.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for what’s to come!    

Matt Johnston

Matt Johnston

Chief Supply Chain & Information Officer at Midlab

Matt is responsible for leading end-to-end global supply chain and technology operations with focus on driving top and bottom-line growth through leadership in Information Management, Business Services, Global Procurement and Logistics, Manufacturing, Process Engineering, and Corporate Social Responsibility.


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