Many schools have recently reopened or are planning to soon—welcoming students and teachers back with enhanced safety protocols. These protocols vary by school and area, but have been put into place as a response to a common threat: the spread of germs and viruses.

We’ve all heard of the viruses making their way through schools, office buildings, and homes across the world. While some have been around for a while (norovirus, rotavirus, the flu), others like SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) are emerging viral pathogens that have given teachers, administrators, parents, and community members a new reason to ask: How clean are our schools really?

All Students Deserve Healthy Learning Environments

In addition to added safety measures like facial coverings, social distancing, and an extra emphasis on proper hand washing and hygiene practices, many schools have responded to the increased concern over germ sharing and spreading by implementing enhanced cleaning and disinfection measures.

To ensure these measures are effective and help janitorial crews across the nation keep our schools safe from the spread of sickness, we created the Everything Clean Center. There, you’ll find all the complementary resources you need to:

  • Help protect your students, staff, & visitors
  • Identify hot spots for germs in your school
  • Learn how to effectively use MAXIM products
  • Stay up to date with industry news

Learning to Spot Your School’s Germs

The first step in enhancing safety in your school is identifying where germs and viruses like to hang out. In any industry, it’s important to identify these common hot spots or “touchpoints,” so your crew can take the extra precautions necessary to protect what matters most.

From administrative areas to widely-shared spaces like classrooms, restrooms, and cafeterias, schools can be breeding grounds for germs and viruses. But with our touchpoint graphics, these germ-covered surfaces can be easily identified and kept clean so your school can be made safer for everyone in it.

Click here to view or download enlarged images of common education industry touchpoints.

It’s easy to assume janitorial crews are cleaning and disinfecting to the best of their ability, but ensuring these critical workers have access to helpful resources like our touchpoint graphics can be a game changer. That’s why we also developed step-by-step “How to Disinfect” sheets to further encourage effective disinfection with instructions for proper product use on common surfaces. With resources like these, we hope to help make disinfection easier, more efficient, and more effective in schools across the nation.

Proven Disinfection Practices & Products

While implementing enhanced safety measures and ensuring your crew has access to helpful resources is a great starting point, there’s so much more you can do to help protect your school—like choosing the right products to protect the health of students and staff long-term.

For years, our MAXIM® product line has been trusted by schools for the efficacy of the products, the ingredients used during formulation, and the innovative PLUS Label System featured exclusively on this line. MAXIM® products, including one-step cleaner and disinfectant, Facility+, are specially formulated to be effective and efficient, so your school can keep Everything Clean while saving time and money in the process.

With products like gentle, hydrogen peroxide-based Facility+ by MAXIM®, your crew can kill germs and viruses FAST—without exposing students and staff to health risks associated with long-term use of chemicals like sodium hypochlorite (bleach), phenols, and QUATs. Between the added health benefits and universally-understood labels, why not take the extra step in safety by upgrading your school’s cleaning products and practices today?


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