Proper Disinfection & Virus Prevention for Restaurants

Everything You Need to Know

Shared germs and viruses can quickly cause major safety concerns, meaning it’s critical that we work together to help prevent the spread of illnesses with effective cleaning and disinfection.

Now, you and your team can help prevent the spread of illnesses in just 4 simple steps…

Establish Your Restaurant’s Illness Prevention Plan

Ongoing assessments of your restaurant’s cleaning products and processes are critical in maximizing safety and efficiency. To properly prevent illnesses from spreading in your restaurant, it’s imperative to stay on top of your supply needs and be prepared to kill tough germs and viruses fast.

Your Restaurant Checklist

Identify Your Restaurant’s Most Common Touchpoints

To properly prevent the spread of illnesses, it’s also important that you and your staff are informed about the most commonly-touched surfaces in your building. From front-of-house (FOH) restrooms to back-of-house (BOH) kitchens, restaurants are full of commonly-touched surfaces. Do you know yours?

Important Restaurant Touchpoints

Click on the five areas below to view their key touchpoints.


Disinfect FOH & BOH with Powerful Products

Arguably the most important step in the disinfection process is choosing effective products for your restaurant. You need products you can count on to keep Everything Clean and safer for your staff and customers.

Midlab offers a complete line of cleaners and disinfectants for preventing and eliminating the spread of common germs and viruses. As part of our Everything Clean mission, all of our products were manufactured in a LEED™ Gold-certified facility for the least harmful effect on the environment.

Germicidal Cleaner

One-step disinfectant, perfect for general cleaning.


One-step germicidal cleaner and deodorant.

Antibacterial Hand Soap

Effective against common disease-causing germs.

Assure Antibacterial

Removes disease-causing germs and bacteria effectively.


Prepare Your Staff with Critical Safety Information

Midlab is here to help you and your crew keep Everything Clean. From disinfection products to training guidelines, we’re providing access to helpful information and downloadable resources.

Help Prevent the Spread of Illnesses in Your Restaurant

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