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Where To Use Facility+

Have you heard about Facility+? This one-step, hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner and disinfectant is your new solution to all your cleaning product problems. Specially-formulated to save on time and product waste, the powerful disinfectant works great on most nonporous...

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An Inside Look at Midlab’s Customer Service

Above all else, our team at Midlab values the safety and care of our customers. To provide a deeper look into what makes our service unique, we asked Midlab customer service team members, Vickie Settles and Leigh-Ann Cline, why they believe our Customer Delight (our...

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Dilution Control Systems and EDS

Most cleaning products we use every day are concentrates of water, meaning that they consist of a cleaning chemical and water at a specific dilution ratio. While a simple household, spray-bottle cleaner can last weeks or months at home, in the commercial cleaning...

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How to Properly Wash Your Hands

While hand-washing is a simple routine task that most people don't think twice about, it's often performed incorrectly, leaving germs and other bacteria on the hands that can spread illness and infections to others. Check out this infographic explaining how to...

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